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Our Story

Kristie Cooke Lake Anna Real Estate Property Management

Lake Anna Property Management & Real Estate is owned and operated by Spotsylvania, Virginia native, Kristie Cooke.  Kristie grew up in the area and spent summers on her families Lake Anna waterfront property. After working in real estate and property management for several years, Kristie established Lake Anna Property Management & Real Estate to provide a level of quality Real Estate and Property Management service that she could be proud of and most importantly, that you would want to do business with.  

                                          I have called the Lake Anna area home most of my life and I call on that life-long knowledge of the area                                            to help my clients as well as visitors get to know our  wonderful community.   

                                          I enjoy and appreciate the opportunity to experience and be a part of all that the Lake Anna area has to                                            offer long time residents as well as new to the area residents and guests. 

                                          I understand the importance of utilizing modern technology and resources in combination with a

                                          “back to basics” simplicity in an effort to provide the best possible quality service to today’s

                                          home buyers and sellers.  Here at Lake Anna Property Management & Real Estate, we consistently 

                                          strive to offer our clients the “whole package” customer service that they deserve.

Through my work as an award-winning photographer, I have learned to listen to and build relationships to provide a reality that meets the client vision.  All of this and has taught me to “find the joy in the journey” and to maintain a positive outlook and attitude. When choosing agents to join our team, these values are a must have.  You matter and I will make sure you always feel that from us.


                                                 We are Lake Anna Property Management & Real Estate...

                                                 We are: ​​

  • local

  • honest

  • knowledgeable

  • reliable

  • responsible

  • attentive

  • experienced

  • motivated

  • persistent

  • available

                                           and, we are... 

                                                             at your service!

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